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1. I see
The way you look when you
Drop a mistake from your fingertips
Like it is a tarnish on your polished flesh-
A cancer growing.
Don’t you know
Even the china dolls on the highest shelf
Have chips hidden under satin and lace?
Immortal painted-on-faces all have cracks
Scars marring scarlet lips
Drawn on porcelain skin.
You are not less for being human.

2. Pick one pre-made excuse
Crafted with careful fingers
By runway models and magazines
Creating unearthly goddesses.
“I’m not hungry.”
“I don’t feel well.”
“I had a really big ____.”
“I already ate.”
Pretty little lies tied up in bows and wrapping paper
Covered with golden print
So you can

3. Push away the plate in front of you
And offer up your present
Like a tribute to an ancient god.
Ignore as your body cries out
That one bite is not enough.
Your temple is shattering into pieces.
Pretend you do not know what hunger is.
As if it does not crouch on your shoulder.
As if it does not whisper into your ear.
As if it is not always there with you.
Lie, even though we both know
That all you’ve had today is:

4. Four glasses of water.
Three pieces of celery.
Two sticks of gum.
One apple.
And your daily dose of self-loathing.

5. They tear away your feathers
One by one by one
And tell you that when every single feather is gone
You will finally fly.
But how can angels grace the heavens
How can angels dance with the planets
How can angels kiss the poet as he sleeps
And whisper songs of pain and beauty in his ear
If they don’t have their wings?

6. In the early morning light,
The mirror reflects back an image of a girl
And you look from every angle.
You find in between her freckles Imperfection.
You see in the curve of her hip Not Skinny Enough.
Her eyes scream not smart enough.
Her hands preach not talented enough.
Her nose writes not pretty enough.
Never, ever good enough.

7. I see constellations of stars painted
In shades of gold and brown.
I see bone and blood and marrow and sinew,
Pixie dust and ivory and spiderwebs and candy floss
Tied up in a knot of broken beauty.
In between your freckles, I see
The sun in all of her grandeur
And the way she lights up the world.
The curve of your hip shows strength,
The strength of heroes and legends.
The kind that holds the sky up
And the earth together.
In every angle of your body,
In every eyelash and dimple and knuckle,
I see intelligence and talent and beauty.
You are always good enough.

8. I want to tell you every word
So I will do it in the only way I know
Scrawling it in ink across the canvas of the sky.
Please look up tonight,
Not to climb the peaks of perfection
(Because they are just painted on the horizon)
But to see how I see you.
I will scream these words until my voice gives out
Until my throat pulses raw
If it means you will stop listening to the lies
That the mirror tells you.
And if you do not see the stars,
If you walk away without hearing this,
I am sorry that my voice is not loud enough to reach you.
1. There are people who cannot see the cracks in our society.
“At least we’re not like we used to be.
At least we’re not like others.”
They shrug and walk on, without fearing for their lives
Unable to even see the privilege that wraps
Around and around their body, like a blanket.
Like a bullet-proof vest.

2. I want to shout from the rooftops
Do not tell a drowning man that at least he isn't burning.
That his grandfather who was torn apart and scattered in the wind by scorching flames
Had it so much worse.
Because he is being pulled down by grasping fingers,
Waves instead of ashes,
But he is still dying.

3. We have hate crimes plastered across our streets,
Tattooed across our fingertips.
They’re dug in
Buried deep under our skin
So we don’t even realize the prejudices we hold
And they slip out our mouths like
“I’m not racist but…”
“I’m not sexist but…”
“I’m not homophobic but…”
Followed by some comment meant to be funny
But they are daggers shoved deep,
Deep into the back of our friends.

4. This idea is what is wrong with society-
Someone's daily life,
The nightmare that wakes them screaming in the dark,
A mother's worried gaze,
A coffin lowered in the ground,
The bruises staining the wrists of little girls,
Are all just a joke.

5. You might not be the one holding the gun to their head
But the idea holding the gun is still in your head-
Loaded and ready to fire.

6. Do not tell me I do not know who I am.
Try to fit me in the box of your experience
And you will fail
Because your perception is two dimensions
That define your life and who you are.
How could a circle ever hope to understand
What a sphere feels like?

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